Summer Time Blues
I was a 14-years-old adolescent boy when a nuclear reactor exploded in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. I was really shocked at the worst nuclear disaster in history. I remember something had changed in my mind after the accident. In those days, I was crazy about rock’n’roll. After the Chernobyl, “No Nukes” became a buzz term among Japanese rock musicians and many anti-nuclear songs were produced. Some were banned, but banned songs got more respect. I had been thinking that it was cool to be against nuclear power. Actually, I joined an anti-nuclear demonstration for the first anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. I knew that it was almost meaningless but I was just satisfied with myself acting as an anti-nuclear activist.

I thought that to be against nuclear power was like to refuse the use of much electricity and/or to refuse the modern life-style that is over dependent on electricity. Those days, Japan was in the bubble economy and Tokyo was the symbol of excessive-crazy consuming. I came to hate modern fashion in Tokyo. I was anti-fashion. I am sure this attitude affected my decision that I would leave a suburb of Tokyo and study agricultural science at a university in Kyoto.

Twenty-five years have past since the Chernobyl disaster. I got old, too old to be against modern life-style. I realize I use excessive electricity everyday. I can hardly imagine that I manage to live without power. Therefore, I must accept a nuclear power plant, I think. And this means I must accept vegetables from Fukushima. Yes, I will accept it. Though I don’t hesitate to eat it, I don’t let my kids eat it. It is a big contradiction, but I believe that is my responsibility. I am too old to be a punk rocker.

Whenever I think of quake victims I am just disappointed at myself. I realize I cannot do anything for them. All I can do is just praying, and living a daily life same as before the earthquake. It is still very cold today, but spring has come near here. Nobody talks about the cherry blossom this year and blossom prediction has disappeared from TV, but I would like to enjoy cherry blossom with beer just same as the last year.

I have same feelings with your feelings ”I must accept a nuclear power plant ... I believe that is my responsibility.”. I have depended on nuclear power whether I like or not. I never put my consciousness outside Fukushima.
And I have also same feelings with your "I am just disappointed at myself... All I can do is just praying." I don't have abilities of assistance for victims of the disaster. Even I do something for victims, it is unsure that my action can't help them. I have only a few choices. I can do only things that I can do. However, I can develop myself. I'll be able to help victims. Because,I still alive.
I also looking forward to coming of spring as you think. Let's enjoy 2011's cherry blossom.
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Thank you. Cause I am in Japan now, I don't need to write this blog in English. However, I realized that it was better to use English when I intended to write about a serious topic. It is a good practice.
Anyway, I am looking forward seeing you next week.
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