Troublesome car
Cairns, which is located in the central region of the Great Barrier Reef, is one of the most famous tourist towns in Australia. There are many resort hotels, good restaurants, bars, and casinos, and people staying Cairns enjoy their luxurious holiday there. Needless to say, many Japanese tourists visit to Cairns all the year around and so it is very easy to see Japanese in Cairns, while I hardly see Japanese here in Mareeba. In addition to the tourists, many Japanese taking a working holiday visa come to work in Cairns. So, there are some markets selling various kinds of Japanese food, I mean real Japanese food, while I can buy only few Japanese seasoning in a supermarket in Mareeba.

For this reason, my first task after getting a car was to go to Cairns and get some Japanese foods. Cairns is around 65km from Mareeba, and it takes about one hour drive. Then, on the first Saturday after I got a car, I took a first-long drive down to Cairns. It was a good drive when I was going to Cairns. I safely arrived in Cairns and enjoyed shopping, enjoyed the atmosphere of a busy street. Every thing was going well until the return road. On the way to my home, I realized that the water temperature gauge was showing abnormal value. I knew that I should have stopped and cooled down the engine, but I didn’t stop and kept going. When I returned home, the engine was almost over-heated. The cooling water was running out and splashed from the radiator. Oh my god!! I’ve got a defective car.

To communicate by phone is much more difficult than face-to-face communication when I speak in English. But, anyway, I called the dealership and told him the situation of my car. I didn’t make a claim, just asked him what I should do. I could understand only 50 % of his talking, probably he was talking about warranty, but I could manage to understand that he told me to take my car to a car repair shop and let them make a call back to him. So I took my car to the nearest car repair shop. The car mechanic soon realized that the radiator was cracked. He told that the radiator was necessary to be replaced by a new one and it costs 500 AUD. I thought it was very expensive, but, thanks to the car mechanic’s negotiation, the dealer agreed to pay for a half of the cost, so my payment became 250 AUD. I believe that the dealer was not a dirty dealer but just in a different manner from Japanese dealer.

Even in Japan, it is difficult to get a good used car, so it’s never easy in Australia.
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