Settle down.
Two weeks have past since I moved to Mareeba, a small town in north Queensland, Australia. Starting a new life in a foreign country is not easy, but, so far, everything seems to be going well. I will stay here for six month. During stay in Australia, I try to write this blog in English. This must be a good practice not only for writing, but also for speaking. It is just my practice for expressing my idea, feeling or daily small things in English, so you don’t need to write your comment in English (of course you can write in English). Please correct my writing if you find a mistake or unsuitable words.

Well, housing arrangement is the most important and difficult thing when starting a life as a foreigner. Actually, I settled down to a rental unit the day before yesterday. For the first ten days, I had been staying with my colleague. Due to the real estate agent’s slow and lazy work, I could not leave his house till two days ago. My colleague’s house was very comfortable to stay, it was too comfortable to leave, but, anyhow, I have just moved to a unit. They said it is just a unit, but it is as big as my house in Japan. The rent for this unit is 220 AUD per week, means about 70,000 JPY per month. It’s not too expensive, is it? The owner of my room is a second-generation Italian-Australian. She lives in a hose next to my unit and, actually, my unit is a part of her parent’s house. Downstairs rooms are for me and the aged Italian couple, the owner’s parent, lives upstairs. It is a really nice unit. I can’t express how wonderful it is, but if you see it, you must understand. I can see some kangaroos in front of my house. Can you imagine that? Anyhow, I am really satisfied with this room. So, housing arrangement was perfect, except for the dull agent.

Another big thing is buying a car. I was seriously wondering whether or not I should buy a car.

Then, what was my decision? I’ll tell you later.
I think your house is very nice house, too!
You are a very lucky parson!aren't you?

It is not easy for me to read this blog....but I tryed to read ond return message.
This message has many misstake ...v-195
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> Ayako

Thank you for your comment. Your English is pretty well, I think. It is a good practice for you, too.
You can see a picture of my unit in the latest entry. Please see it and give a comment about it.
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